Noun + preposition
An advantage OF but there is an advantage IN (or TO) doing something

An answer TO

An attitude TO (or TOWARDS)

A cause OF

A cheque FOR

A connection WITH but connection BETWEEN two things or people

Contact WITH but contact BETWEEN two things or people

Damage TO

A demand FOR

A decrease IN

A difference BETWEEN

A disadvantage OF but there is a disadvantage IN (or TO) doing something


A drawing OF

A fall IN

An increase IN

An invitation TO

A key TO

A map OF

A photograph OF

A picture OF

A plan OF

A reason FOR

A reaction TO

A relationship WITH but a relationship BETWEEN two things or people

A reply TO

A rise IN

A solution TO


Adjective + preposition
Afraid OF

Amazed AT or BY

Angry ABOUT something (but angry WITH somebody FOR doing something)

Annoyed ABOUT something (but annoyed WITH somebody FOR doing something)

Ashamed OF

Astonished AT or BY

Aware OF

Bad AT

Bored WITH

Brilliant AT

Capable OF

Certain OF (or ABOUT)

Conscious OF

Critical OF

Crowded WITH

Cruel TO somebody

Delighted WITH

Dependent ON

Different FROM (or TO)

Disappointed WITH

Engaged TO

Envious OF

Excited ABOUT

Excellent AT

Famous FOR

Fed up WITH

Fond OF

Friendly TO somebody

Frightened OF

Full OF

Furious ABOUT something (but furious WITH somebody FOR doing something)

Generous OF somebody (but be generous TO somebody)

Good OF somebody (but be good TO somebody and to be good AT doing something)



Hopeless AT

Impressed WITH or BY

Incapable OF

Independent OF

Interested IN

Jealous OF

Keen ON

Kind OF somebody (but be kind TO somebody)

Married TO

Nervous About

Nice OF somebody (but be nice TO somebody)

Pleased WITH

Polite OF somebody (but be polite TO somebody)

Proud OF

Responsible FOR

Satisfied WITH

Scared OF

Shocked AT or BY

Short OF

Silly OF

Similar TO

Sorry ABOUT something (but sorry FOR doing something)

Stupid OF

Sure OF (or ABOUT)

Surprised AT or BY

Suspicious OF

Terrified OF

Tired OF

Tolerant OF

Typical OF


Worried ABOUT


Verb + preposition
Accuse OF

Aim AT

Apologise TO somebody FOR something

Apply (TO somebody or something) FOR

Approve OF

Ask somebody (FOR something)

Believe IN

Blame somebody or something FOR also blame something ON

Break INTO


Care ABOUT (think that somebody or something is important)

Care FOR (like something usually in questions and negative sentences or look after somebody)

but take care OF (look after)

Collide WITH

Complain (TO somebody) ABOUT (say that you're not satisfied) but complain OF something

Compliment ON

Concentrate ON

Congratulate ON

Consist OF

Crash INTO


Depend ON

Describe TO

Die OF

Have a discussion ABOUT

Divide INTO

Dream ABOUT but dream OF being something or doing something

Drive INTO

Explain TO


Fire AT

Forgive FOR

Glance AT

Happen TO

Hear ABOUT (be told about something)

Hear OF (know that somebody or something exists)

Hear FROM (receive a letter or phone call from somebody)

Insist ON

Invite TO



В нашем бюро переводов доступна услуга

перевод на английский”.

Laugh AT

Leave FOR

Listen TO

Live ON

Look AT (or have a look AT)

Look FOR (search for) but look AFTER (take care of)

Pay FOR but pay a bill, a fine, a tax, a fare, rent, a sum of money (without preposition)

Phone somebody (without preposition)

Point AT

Prefer one thing TO another


Provide WITH


Rely ON

Remind ABOUT (tell not to forget) but remind OF (cause somebody to remember)


Search FOR

Shout AT somebody (when you are angry) but shout TO somebody (so that they can hear you)

Shoot AT

Smile AT

Speak TO somebody (ABOUT something)

Specialise IN

Spend ON

Split INTO Stare AT

Succeed IN

Suffer FROM

Supply WITH Suspect OF

Talk TO somebody but talk ABOUT somebody or something

Telephone somebody (without preposition)

Tell somebody ABOUT

Thank somebody (for something)

Think ABOUT (then you consider something and concentrate your mind on it)

Think OF (then the idea comes to your mind)

Throw AT (in order to hit) but throw TO (for somebody to catch)

Translate FROM one language INTO another

Wait FOR

Warn ABOUT (warn OF also possible when we speak about a danger or something bad which might happen)

Write TO